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Innovation and efficiency improvement at JOYSONQUIN

JOYSONQUIN Automotive Systems is a Tier 1 automotive supplier with 4,250 employees in China, the U.S., Mexico, Germany, and Europe producing decorative trims, functional components, and energy management systems, including charging stations, accessories, and power management systems for electric vehicles.

The company engaged ConMoto for a comprehensive OEE improvement and layout redesign project at a plant in Romania, analyzing its global production footprint, and redesigning a “factory of the future” that was a result of the footprint.

“A great and extremely professional partner, who goes the “extra mile” at all times with heart and soul, ensuring a project’s success. Through individual practical methods and full identification with the product and the individual task, ConMoto always finds potential and ideas that are implemented with a lot of personality and joy. It is very rewarding to work with you as absolute experts in the industry.”

Argirios Pinakidis, Director Program Management of JOYSONQUIN Automotive Systems GmbH

Argirios Pinakidis Director Program Management

of JOYSONQUIN Automotive Systems GmbH


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