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Systematic efficiency gains over the entire life cycle

Paper / Wood / Steel

The processing industry with its networked, large investment-intensive plants and machines, is the sector with the highest requirements for plant efficiency and plant reliability.  In recent years, ConMoto has developed and implemented high-performance production systems with more than 200 clients who serve the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, steel, food, wood, and electronics/semiconductor industries to name a few.


We focus on the stability and efficiency of processes as well as the reduction of operational costs in the extraction, transport, or processing of raw materials. We also focus on the significant impact of energy costs, as energy efficiency plays a decisive role, now and will so well into the future. 


We support our clients:


  • In the systematic design and improvement of their production systems

  • In all relevant support processes and asset management over the entire life cycle of a plant. 

  • By implementing value stream design and maintenance management processes.

  • By strategically evaluating investment planning and purchasing as important elements of the process. 

  • By enabling the innovation potential of Industry 4.0 by involving plant manufacturers and other contractors in the optimization projects.

  • By improving your competitiveness with a consistent value orientation. 


Based on our ConMoto Best Practice Methodology and our maturity level model, our teams in collaboration with yours, develop a systems-wide solution approach for your entire value creation network. 

"Our team has optimized more than 200 process industry production sites. The key activities for these improvements are engineering, maintenance, production, and supply network management." 

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