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Increasing your return on sales with the right strategy and effective measures

Food / Consumer Goods

Companies in the retail sector are under severe pressure to adapt and compete; consumer behavior is changing. Technological progress such as digitization puts new demands on omnichannel concepts and product range planning. Distribution and sales processes, and category and goods management are increasingly data-driven. 


ConMoto develops retail strategies focusing on cost efficiency and return on sales. We optimize our clients’ business processes and help them to make the right strategic and operational decisions, including the coordination of supply networks and sales channels.

Important aspects of market progression are the development of private label brands and verticalization. We work with our clients to design a specific product portfolio that is in line with customer needs.  Improving the customer experience and expanding the business's growth segments are vital. Our approach optimizes value creation networks increasing sales and profitability. In collaboration with our clients, we strategically assess and then put an implementation plan into place that drives our client's market success, even in difficult times. 

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