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Our philosophy

Why we're called ConMoto

Our Success is Defined by a Collaborative

Approach to Achieving Quantifiable Results! 

ConMoto means "with movement". We move things forward to achieve mutual goals.

We are a management consultancy with operational excellence that drives to get things done. Our experienced, entrepreneurial consultants create sustainable value enhancement for our clients in medium-sized companies and international corporations. With innovative methods and cooperative activities, we develop solutions and implement them systematically. We change structures and processes efficiently. Moreover, we move people. In musical terms, ‘con moto’ means ‘with movement’. ‘ConMoto’ is how we work as a company, always in motion and moving things forward to achieve our mutual goals. Speed, pragmatism on the ground, seeing projects through, and achieving systematic results. These have been ConMoto hallmarks for over thirty years.

ConMoto’s International Team of over 80 consultants with deep knowledge of the industries being served is not satisfied with solutions on paper. We work step by step with leadership, mid-level managers, to those on the shop floor. We work to release your company’s full potential and foster real, sustainable enthusiasm, that affects real change at all levels of your company. We are not only “Boardroom Smart but Shop Floor Nimble”. Your business will profit from ConMoto’s exclusive approach to achieve quantifiable results!   

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