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Stable processes, low operational costs, and sustainability investment planning


The processing industry with its networked, highly investment-intensive plants and machines is the sector with the highest requirements for plant efficiency and plant reliability: whether in the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, steel/metal, food or electronics/semiconductor areas. In recent years ConMoto has developed and implemented high-performance production systems with more than 200 clients. We are focusing on the stability and efficiency of processes as well as the reduction of operational costs in the extraction, transport or processing of raw materials. Due to rising energy costs, energy efficiency plays a decisive role – currently and even more so in the future.



  • Systematic design and production system improvements.

  • Value stream design and maintenance management.

  • Best practice methodology drives value creation solutions. 


View study on pulp, paper and wood industry

Chemical and pharmaceutical project study

Sector-specific maintenance and asset management.  Success factors and results.

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