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Formula E in Hong Kong: HWA Racelab scores initial points

Gary Paffett (GBR), HWA Racelab

ConMoto congratulates Brit Gary Paffett and the whole team of HWA Racelab on reaching eighth place and collecting their initial four points in the driver’s competition!

The excellent performance of Paffett’s Belgian team mate Stoffel Vandoorne in both qualifying and the following super pole session boosts confidence, too: he mastered the challenging rainy conditions very well and reached rank one in qualifying, also topping Gary Paffett. Thus, both HWA Racelab bolides had successfully entered the super pole session of the six fastest drivers. Vandoorne proved to be invincible again and reached pole position, securing the initial world championship points for his team. Paffett began the race from fourth position.

After the starting signal, Vandoorne was overtaken by two competitors. Still, he vehemently fought for a podium position before he had to exit the competition due to a damaged drive shaft. Gary Paffett remained in the top five for quite some time and finally defended rank eight after an accident had interrupted the race.

The next Formula E race is going to take place on March 23rd, 2019 in the Chinese city of Sanya.


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