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The shutdown is over!

Politicians have cleared the field for the economy – conditionally, of course. The final decisions are to be made regionally. Wise and quick decisions and actions are important now to minimize material damage.

Since Monday, ConMoto has been sensing that our clients are preparing for the ramp-up. The focal topics are:

  1. Re-engineering of the processes of the indirect areas. These areas need to be resized considering the expected competitive situation. To reduce the risk of infection, shift operation and/or remote work must be organized.

  2. Clocking of production. The new distancing regulations are changing the production systems. One-way traffic must be set up as free of crossings as possible.

  3. The operation of the factory canteen and staff catering must be organized.

  4. Shift start and change must be handled contact-free or at least low-contact.

  5. Delivery and shipping must be compliant whilst remaining both economical and reliable.

In addition to these organisational priorities, costs and prices must be thoroughly examined.

Overall, the entire ramp-up must be coordinated with suppliers and customers. Communication with all involved parties is particularly important for this coordination. The companies that were already “under special observation” of their customers before the shutdown will now have to solve old problems very quickly. Otherwise, the redesign of the supply chains can result in a fast supplier change – especially in the automotive industry. This will, of course, also generate new opportunities.

Take your chance to enter new markets. This requires quick reactions to requests. According to ConMoto’s observations, many companies often fail in this because there is not enough qualified capacity for the required calculation. The same applies to the short-term necessity of new supply sources and suppliers, e.g. when suppliers from abroad are not yet able to resume production.

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