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Sustainable OEE increase at HEWI

Das HEWI-Werk in Spaichingen

HEWI has been producing high-quality fasteners for the automotive industry and mechanical engineering for over 60 years. The retaining and fastening elements and cold extruded parts of the medium-sized company from Spaichingen are in worldwide demand and set technical standards. This is evidenced, among other things, by the awards and patents for fastening technology products with which HEWI is a leader in the automotive market. Around 600 employees produce 7.2 million parts a day in two plants in Spaichingen.

ConMoto was commissioned with a comprehensive project to increase OEE and improve efficiency in shop floor management and maintenance. The focus was on the systematic recording of loss time causes and the implementation of suitable optimization measures. The project addressed the technical optimization of individual systems, for example through sensor and measurement technology, as well as the optimization of production cycles and the qualification of employees. The result was a new, more efficient capacity and schedule planning for the various production processes as well as a new maintenance strategy that minimizes maintenance effort and plant downtime and thus ensures maintenance excellence.

Markus Hänssler CEO HEWI G. Winker GmbH & Co. KG

“The systematics and the tools introduced by ConMoto to increase OEE have proven their effectiveness in HEWI’s production. The project has brought us sustainable success. We are constantly improving OEE.”

Markus Hänssler CEO HEWI G. Winker GmbH & Co. KG

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