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Finja Bormann wins ConMoto Prize in Harsum

Finja Bormann and Clippo win at the Grand Prix in Harsum, picture: Der kleine Georg

Finja Bormann and Clippo win at the Grand Prix in Harsum, picture: Der kleine Georg

Finja Bormann won the Grand Prix at the ConMoto Jumping Days in Harsum with an advantage of 17 hundredths of a second in the jump-off. She rode Clippo during the class S*** competition and succeeded with a clear round in 40.23 seconds – followed by Jan Schulze Niehues, who also performed a clear course on Fitch. Maren Hoffmann followed in third place with La Nessa. The latter completed the jump-off fastest within a time slot of 39.29 seconds, but had a drop.

ConMoto sponsored all three competitions of the Grand Tour in Harsum, which consisted of the Grand Prix and two class S** tournaments. Benjamin Wulschner won the first S** competition with Quidditsch, followed by Finja Bormann riding A Crazy Son of Lavina. In the two-phase class S**competition, Robert Bruhns won on Granada, followed by Swede Jakob Frostgard with ConMoto Crazy Chara.

Finja Bormann, the winner of the Grand Prix, said after the award ceremony: “This was the first Grand Prix I rode with Clippo at all. That we made it into the jump-off was actually surprising.” The 12-year-old Holsteiner horse came to the stud farm Elmgestüt “Drei Eichen” of Marion and Gerhard Müter, Clippo’s owners, a year and a half ago. Finja Bormann has been riding there for several years. She says of her course during the jump-off: “We had planned not to ride a really wild round, but to give everything. Then we were lucky that the others, who rode really fast, had drops. That’s when I thought to myself: The time of runner-up Jan Schulze Niehues, let’s give it a try.”

ConMoto’s Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Ralf Feierabend watched the tournament in Harsum together with 500 spectators: “That was great sports. All others may forgive me, but of course I kept my fingers crossed for Finja Bormann. I believe that everyone will accept that. Still, there were a lot of great riders, just excellent sports. I’m very happy.”

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