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Digital transformation: Taking advantage of the opportunities of digitization and automation in prod

Industry 4.0 and IoT are buzzwords for the transition from analog centralized procedures to fully connected digital and decentralized production processes. Intelligent mechatronic systems offer an enormous added value and are the building blocks for profitable, future-oriented business models. Key levers for the realization of efficiency potential in manufacturing include:

  1. Conception of digital models for production technology

  2. Development and evaluation of automation solutions at low cost with low investment requirements

  3. Determination of the plan-based Overall Equipment Effectiveness (O.E.E.)

  4. Reduction of engineering times and commissioning costs

With the experience of numerous automation and digitization projects, the ConMoto consultants do not only ensure that the O.E.E. planned values are achieved in production due to productivity increases through measures such as machine learning and predictive maintenance. We do also develop functional application solutions for plant automation. This enables companies to plan their productivity precisely.

Our implementation expertise and methodological know-how transfer your digitalization strategy into more productive manufacturing processes – quickly and effectively. We develop tools for value stream analysis such as the ConMoto DigitizationScoreTest. Disruptive technologies help us implement new automation strategies. With the same goal, we combine commercial and technical processes on IoT platforms.

With and for our clients, we build functional meta-models as digital twins for products, productions and processes. The digital twin revolutionizes processes throughout the entire value chain. As a virtual image of the product, production or performance, the digital twin enables a smooth connection of the individual process steps. This consistently increases efficiency, minimizes the error rate, shortens development cycles and offers the possibilities of a complete real-time simulation with a corresponding cloud architecture or even with AI – which is why virtual commissioning also enables further time potential. In addition, these advantages also enable the realization of new business models. And finally, the customer relationship is completely redefined.

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